ūüďÜ Daily UI

A daily challenge to practice user experience design. All dynamic interactions made in Framer. Hover over each image for the prompt and the description.
Credit Card Payment

A mock of a shopping cart with credit card payment functionality. Contains the ability to auto-fill from image of physical credit card and live fields.
Home Monitoring Dashboard

A home monitoring dashboard including temperature control, lighting, and battery statuses.

A sample dashboard for tracking the results of the most recent presidential election. Data/images from 538
Music Player
I wanted to create a quick-access "notification-style" popup that could be activated by entering the top-right corner of the screen with the cursor. This popup would be able to control the music (instead of having to go to my dock to tab-in to Spotify) and add songs quickly to your playlists.
User Profile
A mock of user profile for a social writing app. Includes zoom on profile picture, share menu, and showing the text selected.
Landing Page

A mock of a website landing page for VOYAGE, a magazine I design.
A direct messaging application. Modeled after Android Messages and the Material Design specification.
E-Commerce and Overlays
An e-commerce store for Voyage, a magazine I contribute to. Cart is overlaid on the item screen for quick contextual access.
A sample daily health app!
A mock of user profile for a social app.