🌐 Hello!

Hi, I'm Ostin and I'm a product designer. I am a grauduate of the University of Washington-Seattle, with a B.S. in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. I'm currently a research assistant at the Impact360 Alliance, a NOAA Cooperative Institute. I also currently lead the design team at Voyage, a grassroots travel magazine.

Having lived across the United States and ten years abroad, I am passionate about multiculturalism, diversity, and perspective. In my personal life, I enjoy climbing, hiking, and crawling through journal papers on a wide variety of subjects, from HCI to healthcare policy.

In the past, I have contributed to the emCOMP lab led by Dr. Kate Starbird, where I assisted in a number of research endeavours including disinformation networks on Twitter and the use of Snapchat in crisis events. I have also contributed to CoSSaR projects led by Dr. Scott Miles, where I created a visualisation package to support housing recovery efforts.

you can find me on linkedin, instagram, and facebook.